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Dealing With Teen Drug Addiction In A Positive Way Through marquis test kit

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Everyone knows how teenagers love to explore everything that they fancy. With the adventurous spirit of a toddler but the freedom almost akin to that of an adult, these teenagers love to discover the joys of life – even if it entails the “dangerous” side of life.

Among these activities, drug addiction is the most common topic. Despite the fact that it is a common topic, still it’s considered a taboo within most families. As such, it’s highly unlikely for teenagers to open up about this topic, especially when it comes to their parents.

But, worry no more, as there are relatively inexpensive, affordable, and readily available marquis test kits in the market nowadays. It only entails taking a sample (body fluid, hair follicle, etc.) from the person of interest, wait for a few minutes or days (perhaps), then the results are back. You also may find your ideal details about marquis test kit on wims cilabs.

So, what are these drug tests, and the processes involved in such test?

Drug testing

•  Refers to a test that determines the presence of certain chemicals and its metabolites inside the body

•  May involve the use of the following samples:

a)      Hair

b)      Breath

c)      Blood

d)      Urine

e)      Sweat

f)       Saliva

•  Can detect the presence of the following substances:

a)      Steroids

b)      Cannabis

c)      Heroin

d)      Cocaine

How the drug process works

  1. Staff checks for the sample received. This step ensures that the sample isn’t tampered or damaged to begin with.
  2. Sample is prepared for testing. Depending on the sample, sometimes this step is omitted. For hair samples, however, they need to be washed and the keratin need to be broken down as well.
  3. Sample then undergoes screening. If it turns out positive, a confirmatory test is done using mass spectrometry for a more precise result.

This is just one facet of how a drug test is done to combat teen addiction. There might be other tests not mentioned here, but all these tests aim for the same thing: screen and detect drug use to help our teenagers cope with the effects of using recreational drugs.