Buy a condo and make a passive income

The trend of condominium hotel or condotel has been still popular in Singapore since the past few years ago. As the matter of facts, the condominium cannot only be used as a place for living by the condo owners but also it can be used as a promising investment which enables you to earn money each month or year. If you are looking for the condo that facilitates you to get passive income, you can buy a condo unit of Paya Lebar Quarter.

In these recent years, there are many people who buy the condo for investment. Some people sell their condo after the construction process is complete, but some others wait to sell their condo and rent it to another individual and get passive income of renting their condo. For you who want to buy a condo and utilize it as the condotel, here are some benefits of utilizing your condo as a condotel:

– Operational income

Condotel which is operated as the hotel will indirectly generate revenue and make the unit owner or investor gets passive income. You, as the condo owner will earn money for the condo you rent. The amount of condo depends on the agreement between you and the tenant or the condo management. In addition, several condotels guarantee the return on investment for three years or the first two years.

– No cost for stay

Condotel unit is yours, so you may stay without pay for the cost. The advantage is like a stay at the hotel because of the amenities which are hardly different to the hotel. One thing to be noted is you cannot stay as you please. You need to make reservation before you stay to the condo management.

If you are looking for the best condo which you can utilize as a condotel, you can consider a condo unit of Paya Lebar Quarter.

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