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How Milwaukee commercial refrigerator repair analyze and repair the damage to the engine coolant (fridge) “refrigerator”, we must first know the state of the engine cooling is concerned. After knowing Milwaukee commercial refrigerator repair engine coolant, subsequent examination.In general disruption in the refrigerator and freezer is caused by a leak in the pipes, overestimated filling freon gas, surge on the coil motor, and the shortage in charging freon gas, and leakage of the compressor, while the damage that often occurs in the refrigerator one door of which, Freezer cold uneven this is caused by the flow refrigran is not smooth because it is caused by several things such as: blockage system refrigran, the compressor is not able to work optimally, the shortage of oil, refrigran reduced, inhibition of heat dissipation in the condenser, evaporator dirty, ambient temperature too high according to Milwaukee commercial refrigerator repair. Freezer cold no maximum is usually marked with the existing ice in the freezer did not melt and freeze bias back it is caused by too much weight in the freezer, the evaporator there is oil / dirt, temperature control is damaged, overload damaged.

Disorders of the engine coolant may be noise. If the refrigerator was found that create noise should not be ignored. If allowed to drag on will affect other units causing new damage. Should be checked by Milwaukee commercial refrigerator repair, the possibilities of noise in the engine cooling caused by the following things: a pipe that coincide with the cabinet, screws or bolts that are less harsh or detached, damage to the fan and damage to the compressor. There are several types of damage that can still be repaired by Milwaukee commercial refrigerator repair from the compressor such as damage rolls electro his motor and mechanical damage, damage rolls can certainly rewound while to mechanical damage such as piston, reed valve, dear to the compressor small size there are no spare parts new sale, so we can only change it from the other compressor, to repair the damage before Milwaukee commercial refrigerator repair have to divide the compressor and should be done carefully and clean.