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Men’s Best Friend

It’s over hundred and thousand years emotional support dog, many people said dogs are “men’s best friend”. Dogs have offered adoration and fondness, as well as worked one next to the other with their human partner for a considerable length of time. Many studies have been conducted to research from the physical to the social benefits of dog companionships. For example, people who did have a pet have been found to have lower cholesterol and triglycerides level compared to the people who didn’t, and even when compared to weight, diet, and smoking habits. Many families across the countries reported feeling happier after they adding a pet into the family because it creates sense of closeness and well-being. It is just couple examples from the physical and social benefits for dog companionships.

Since the title of the article is “Men’s Best Friend”, it seems not right if we don’t talk about benefits from an emotional aspect. We all knows emotional support dogs are dogs companion that provides emotional support through companionships. What kind of emotional support that dog can provide?. First, pets (including dogs) can help us more relax and focus our attention away from our worries/problems, and can help us reduce everyday stress level. Second, Pet or dog owners tend to feel less scared of being a victim of crime when having a dog in their home and it means the owner more less anxious and feeling safer. But it does not only stop there, there are many benefits from emotional aspect from having a pet, such as providing some consistency to our lives, lifting our mood, keeping you active every day, etc.