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Big Drop

The price of crude oil rises up with approximately 2,3 % this morning 9 September 2016 after the Energy Information Agency’s weekly report. The report showed United States crude inventories decreased to over 14 million barrels from last week. It’s a largest recorded, single week draw since 1999. The inventories held by the Oklahoma Cushing and fell to 434 thousand barrels. In meanwhile, the gas inventories also fell by over 4 million barrels. This information comes from a day after the API reported a 12 million-barrel draw from crude inventories.

This drop may move prices as directly huge impacts to the current status of United States oil supply which represents one of the largest suppliers also consumers. But some experts from Money Morning (you can read about it at are pointing out that this big drop in holdings can be a temporary act to the inclement weather from Tropical Storm and Hurricane Hermine diverting the shipments.

Choose the right market of stock

Actually, investing is not about spending money but saving money. Do you know why? When you are able to find the right way for your investment whether it comes in stock or another option, money is what you will get. Visit Well, when you consider some things, perhaps these questions will help you make the best decision. Does the stock market make you anxious? While it is right that some markets may make you anxious, we are sure that you are able to find any market out there.

Simply talk, that is the only market that you find in the world, right? If you say that it would be better to stop your effort and save your money for another need, think of many investors who get the success when they choose the right market. In short, the market is another thing to consider for your stock investment.